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There are so many things to consider when producing a video these days. Do you want a sit down interview to form the base of your story ?


How about an animated explainer to show customers how your new app works ?

Maybe original footage for a corporate film ? Do you need a gimbal, aerials or stock footage ?


Here at Ants Media Asia we’ll help you navigate the media minefield and get you the best

outcome for your budget.

Company profile video

$22 000 HKD 

These videos usually involve a sit-down interview with one or two of your key staff. A cameraman and producer will visit your workplace to conduct the interviews, take footage of your event or place of business and finalise what will be included in your video before post-production begins. Includes one full day of video production and 15 hours of video editing.

Updated versions are sent to you via FTP for fine tuning the edit. We have a unique platform for changes, comments and suggestions. See some images from projects we can share for which we provided kit and crew in Hong Kong.

Documentary style short-form feature stories from $20 000 HKD

 A ‘filmic type production’ suitable for digital broadcasters or news agencies that want a director & cameraman on site with high end camera, prime lenses & basic grip equipment. Drone footage avalailable as an add on.

DOP for Commercial Productions in Hong Kong


Need it shot 240 frames per second in 4K ? No problems. How about a cameraman with a Schwem lens ? Sure thing. Green screen, jib equipment, car mounts, POV drone operator. You name it & we’ll source it in Hong Kong.   

The video below was commissioned by Bloomberg in New York. 240 frames per second at 4k resolution taken from the front of a Hong Kong Tram. The footage was to be displayed on a 60 foot screen outside their headquarters. 

Personal profile or Company profile video from $19 000 HKD

These stories are ideal for social media profiles like LinkedIn or to promote a staff member or team

within your company.

A small crew (usually one or 2 people) will capture your story, the way you want it captured.

If you would like to see more detailed examples just get in touch (sound muted on video for privacy)

REALLY nice interviews from $20 000 HKD


These interviews are reserved for clients that demand very high production values. Think 60 minutes, Netflix, National Geographic, CNN, you get the idea. Usually shot RAW so they can be graded at the clients post house. 

Press launch videos from $16 000 HKD

Includes 4  our shoot, interviews, royalty free music and fast turnaround edit.

We supply a cameraman with basic sound kit, lights & 4k video camera. 

Company Walk Thru Video Production $60 000 HKD

Cameraman, director, camera kit & 30 hours of video editing. 2 minutes of motion graphics included. See below an example of a production we produced with Pacnet about their new data centre in Singapore.
We provided a video journalist (self-shooting producer) to capture all the required footage and interviews for the project. It was a one day shoot on site in Singapore.
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