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Justin Weily. Self-shooting producer/director.

I started my career in television news, working as a sound recordist. I worked as a cameraman, video journalist and television reporter in Australia before heading to the UK, most of my career has been spent in television production.

I spent 10 years in the UK working as a freelancer in news and sports production for many broadcasters and indies. Regular clients included BBC World, ITV Sport, CNN, British Eurosport, Globecast Newsforce and SNG to name a few. I was a full-time cameraman for Sky Sports towards the end of my time in the UK, working in news and sports features programming.

After 10 years in the UK I moved to Hong Kong and started a camera crewing business called Ants Media Asia. We provide production crew to advertising agencies, brands and PR firms that don’t have a presence or trusted operators in Hong Kong and China.

I worked for OBS at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics shooting and editing feature stories (covered tennis and football)

My main role in Hong Kong is working as a self-shooting producer with C-Suite Executives, making sure they get their messages across succinctly when appearing on camera.

Managers, board level executives and heads of departments.

Whilst in Hong Kong I worked as a freelancer for IMG, Sunset and Vine, Fox Sports, One Asia (golf) and ATP.

I also have trusted crews in Singapore, Thailand, Bahrain, China and Australia whom I work with regularly when providing crewing services to UK and US clients.

Experience Counts.

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